Microsoft.​Asp​Net​Core.​Web​Utilities Microsoft.​Asp​Net​Core.​Web​Utilities Namespace


FileBufferingReadStream FileBufferingReadStream A Stream that wraps another stream and enables rewinding by buffering the content as it is read. The content is buffered in memory up to a certain size and then spooled to a temp file on disk. The temp file will be deleted on Dispose.
FormReader FormReader Used to read an 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded' form.
HttpRequestStreamReader HttpRequestStreamReader
HttpResponseStreamWriter HttpResponseStreamWriter Writes to the System.IO.Stream using the supplied Encoding. It does not write the BOM and also does not close the stream.
MultipartReader MultipartReader
MultipartSection MultipartSection
QueryHelpers QueryHelpers
ReasonPhrases ReasonPhrases
StreamHelperExtensions StreamHelperExtensions
WebEncoders WebEncoders Contains utility APIs to assist with common encoding and decoding operations.


KeyValueAccumulator KeyValueAccumulator