Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration Namespace


Extension methods for registering CommandLineConfigurationProvider with IConfigurationBuilder.
Static helper class that allows binding strongly typed objects to configuration values.
Used to build key/value based configuration settings for use in an application.
Extension methods for IConfiguration.
IComparer implementation used to order configuration keys.
Utility methods and constants for manipulating Configuration paths
Base helper class for implementing an IConfigurationProvider
Implements IChangeToken
The root node for a configuration.
Represents a section of application configuration values.
Extension methods for registering EnvironmentVariablesConfigurationProvider with IConfigurationBuilder.
Extension methods for FileConfigurationProvider.
Base class for file based ConfigurationProvider.
Represents a base class for file based IConfigurationSource.
Extension methods for adding IniConfigurationProvider.
Extension methods for adding JsonConfigurationProvider.
IConfigurationBuilder extension methods for the MemoryConfigurationProvider.
Extension methods for adding XmlConfigurationProvider.


Represents a set of key/value application configuration properties.
Represents a type used to build application configuration.
Provides configuration key/values for an application.
Represents the root of an IConfiguration hierarchy.
Represents a section of application configuration values.
Represents a source of configuration key/values for an application.