Microsoft.​Extensions.​File​Providers Microsoft.​Extensions.​File​Providers Namespace


CompositeFileProvider CompositeFileProvider Looks up files using a list of .
EmbeddedFileProvider EmbeddedFileProvider Looks up files using embedded resources in the specified assembly. This file provider is case sensitive.
FileSystemInfoHelper FileSystemInfoHelper
NotFoundDirectoryContents NotFoundDirectoryContents Represents a non-existing directory
NotFoundFileInfo NotFoundFileInfo Represents a non-existing file.
NullChangeToken NullChangeToken An empty change token that doesn't raise any change callbacks
NullFileProvider NullFileProvider An empty file provider with no contents.
PhysicalFileProvider PhysicalFileProvider Looks up files using the on-disk file system


IDirectoryContents IDirectoryContents Represents a directory's content in the file provider.
IFileInfo IFileInfo Represents a file in the given file provider.
IFileProvider IFileProvider A read-only file provider abstraction.