Microsoft.​Extensions.​Logging Microsoft.​Extensions.​Logging Namespace


ConsoleLoggerExtensions ConsoleLoggerExtensions
DebugLoggerFactoryExtensions DebugLoggerFactoryExtensions Extension methods for the class.
EventLoggerFactoryExtensions EventLoggerFactoryExtensions Extension methods for the class.
FilterLoggerFactoryExtensions FilterLoggerFactoryExtensions extension methods which provide a common way to filter log messages across all registered s.
FilterLoggerSettings FilterLoggerSettings Filter settings for messages logged by an .
Logger<T> Logger(Of T) Delegates to a new ILogger instance using the full name of the given type, created by the provided ILoggerFactory.
LoggerExtensions LoggerExtensions ILogger extension methods for common scenarios.
LoggerFactory LoggerFactory Summary description for LoggerFactory
LoggerFactoryExtensions LoggerFactoryExtensions ILoggerFactory extension methods for common scenarios.
LoggerMessage LoggerMessage Creates delegates which can be later cached to log messages in a performant way.
TraceSourceFactoryExtensions TraceSourceFactoryExtensions


EventId EventId


IFilterLoggerSettings IFilterLoggerSettings Filter settings for messages logged by an .
ILogger ILogger Represents a type used to perform logging.
ILogger<TCategoryName> ILogger(Of TCategoryName) A generic interface for logging where the category name is derived from the specified TCategoryName type name. Generally used to enable activation of a named ILogger from dependency injection.
ILoggerFactory ILoggerFactory Represents a type used to configure the logging system and create instances of ILogger from the registered ILoggerProviders.
ILoggerProvider ILoggerProvider Represents a type that can create instances of ILogger.


LogLevel LogLevel Defines logging severity levels.