MVC Recommended Resources

by Rick Anderson

This topic provides links to documentation resources about ASP.NET MVC 5. If you know a great blog post, stackoverflow thread or any other link that would be useful, send [me]( ASP.NET MVC link) an email with the link. The links provided here are updated periodically. You can find older (but in many cases still relevant) ASP.NET MVC links on the MSDN content map.

A good place to get your questions answered or to find solutions to problems is in the ASP.NET MVC forum or on stackoverflow.

Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC

Microsoft Azure


Membership, Authentication

OWIN and Katana

Data Access in ASP.NET MVC

Web Forms to MVC


AngularJS, Knockout, KnockoutJS

jQuery, Ajax, JSON, JavaScript



Globalization, Internationalization and Localization

Azure and ASP.NET MVC


Single Page Application (SPA)

Twitter, Facebook

Unit Testing, TDD, Repository Pattern and Unit of Work

Best Practices


Rich text Editors for MVC


Forum Posts