How Do I: Create an Efficient and Standardized Approach for Implementing CSS Styles?

by Chris Pels

In this video Chris Pels shows how to organize and implement CSS styles that provide a standardized look and feel to a web site. In addition, the styles are organized to provide maximum flexibility and reusability. A set of styles is created that focuses on the visual appearance of the site. First, a sample web site is created with a CSS file for a sample page. The first groups of styles created are oriented towards providing containers for content throughout the site. Next, a set of styles are added that focus on displaying the "state" of user interface elements. Finally, a set of styles for user interaction cues are created. Each of the styles is used with HTML elements on the sample page. There is also a discussion about using the same implementation approach for styles that control element layout on the site.

▶ Watch video (27 minutes)