[How Do I:] Send Templated Emails for Health Monitoring Events in ASP.NET

by Chris Pels

In this video Chris Pels shows how to use the TemplatedEmailWebEventProvider to send emails when health monitoring events occur that utilize a template for the email content. First, see how to configure the <provider> and <rules> elements in the web.config file to implement the use of templated email and associate a health monitoring event with the templated email provider. Once the templated provider is configured see how to create the email template using as standard .aspx page. Learn what information is available in the MailEventNotificaitonInfo class that is passed by the TemplatedEmailWebEventProvider to the template .aspx page. See how it can be used to include whatever information is appropriate in the email content. Finally, view the test web site which sends emails in response to health monitoring events. Then view the actual emails received that contain the health monitoring event information based upon the template.

▶ Watch video (25 minutes)