[How Do I:] Use a Visual Studio 2008 Web Deployment Project

by Chris Pels

In this video Chris Pels shows how to use the Visual Studio 2008 Web Deployment add-on to create deployment projects with a finer degree of control over how a web site is compiled and deployed. First, learn where to download and install the Web Deployment Project add-on for Visual Studio 2008. Then, create a web site project and an associated web deployment project. Learn the available configuration options for a web deployment project. See a brief review of the aspnet_compiler and aspnet_merge command line utilities which are integral to the web deployment project. Next, learn how to create multiple configurations for a web deployment project, e.g., one for Debug and one for Release modes. Then create a web application project and a corresponding web deployment project. Finally, see how the options and process for the web application project are the same as those for the web site project.

▶ Watch video (26 minutes)