Quickstart: Connect to your Active Directory Forest

In this quickstart, you'll connect Azure ATP to Active Directory (AD) to retrieve data about users and computers. If you're connecting multiple forests, see the Multi-forest support article.


Provide a username and password to connect to your Active Directory Forest

The first time you open the Azure ATP portal, the following screen appears:

Azure ATP welcome stage 1

  1. Enter the following information and click Save:

    Field Comments
    Username (required) Enter the read-only Active Directory user name. For example: ATPuser. You must use an on-premises AD user account. Don't use the UPN format for your username.
    Password (required) Enter the password for the read-only user. For example: Pencil1.
    Domain (required) Enter the domain for the read-only user. For example: contoso.com. It's important that you enter the complete FQDN of the domain where the user is located. For example, if the user’s account is in domain corp.contoso.com, you need to enter corp.contoso.com not contoso.com
  2. In the Azure ATP portal, click Download sensor setup and install the first sensor to continue.

Next steps

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