Overview of real-time capable application development

Build real-time capable applications (RTApps) that run on Azure Sphere devices. Use of the real-time cores is currently a Beta feature.


For details about programming the M4 cores on the MT3620, see the MT3620 M4 user manual, published by MediaTek.

Develop and debug RTApps

Topic Description
Develop and debug an RTApp Describes how to create and debug a new RTApp
Port an existing application Describes how to port an existing bare-metal application to run on Azure Sphere
Manage memory and latency considerations Describes memory contention and latency issues that might occur in RTApps
Sideload an application Describes how to load an app for testing
Remove an application Describes how to remove your application from a device
Troubleshoot RTApps Provides troubleshooting suggestions for RTApp problems

Add features to your RTApps

Topic Description
Use peripherals in RTApps Describes how to map peripherals for use by an RTApp
Communicate with a high-level app Describes how to communicate with a high-level application on the Azure Sphere device

Sample RTApps

The Azure Sphere samples repo on GitHub includes a bare-metal HelloWorld sample as well as a sample that demonstrates inter-core communication between high-level and RTApps. Additional drivers and samples for the M4 real-time cores on the MT3620 chip are available on GitHub from Azure Sphere partners MediaTek and Codethink.

Command line reference