Create an Azure Sphere tenant

An Azure Sphere tenant isolates your Azure Sphere devices and provides a way for you to manage them. The Azure Sphere tenant is used only for Azure Sphere.


If your team or organization already has an Azure Sphere tenant, consider whether to ask for access to this tenant rather than creating an additional tenant. Once you create a tenant, you cannot rename it, delete it, or move it to a different Azure subscription (if it's associated with one). Each device ID can be used to create only one Azure Sphere tenant.

The account that creates the tenant is automatically assigned the role of administrator for the tenant.

If your Azure Sphere login indicates that you have no access to an Azure Sphere tenant, you can create one:

  1. Connect an Azure Sphere device to your computer by USB.

  2. Enter the following command. On Windows, you must use an Azure Sphere Developer Command Prompt.

    azsphere tenant create --name <my-tenant>

    Replace <my-tenant> with a name that other users will recognize, such as "Contoso Ltd" or "Contoso Dishwasher Division." If the name includes spaces, enclose it in quotation marks. Names must be all alphanumeric characters with no symbols.

    You will be prompted to log in again. Be sure to log in with the account that you will use to manage your Azure Sphere devices.

The azsphere tenant create command creates a tenant but does not claim the device into the tenant. You can claim your device after you have created the tenant.

When you create a tenant, the Azure Sphere Security Service records the device ID of the attached device. Each device ID can be used to create only one Azure Sphere tenant.

If you already have access to a tenant, and you are absolutely certain that you want to create another one, use the following command:

  azsphere tenant create --force --name <my-tenant>