Claim your device

Every device must be "claimed" by an Azure Sphere tenant. Claiming the device associates its unique, immutable device ID with your Azure Sphere tenant. The Azure Sphere Security Service uses the device ID to identify and authenticate the device.


Claiming is a one-time operation that you cannot undo even if the device is sold or transferred to another person or organization. A device can be claimed only once. Once claimed, the device is permanently associated with the Azure Sphere tenant.

To claim your device:

  1. Connect your device to your PC.

  2. Open a command prompt. On Windows, use an Azure Sphere Developer Command Prompt, which is available in the Start menu under Azure Sphere.

  3. Sign in to Azure Sphere, using a Microsoft account:

    azsphere login

    If you've never logged in to Azure Sphere before or have just installed the 19.10 SDK, add the --newuser parameter along with your Microsoft account email address:

    azsphere login --newuser <email-address>

  4. After successful login:

    • If you have access to a single tenant, it will be selected by default, and you can proceed to the next step.
    • If you don't have access to any tenants, you'll need to create a tenant.
    • If you previously used Azure Sphere with the 19.09 SDK (or an earlier release), you might need to migrate a tenant.
    • If you have access to multiple tenants, you'll need to select one. See azsphere tenant select for details. After you select a tenant, proceed to the next step.
  5. Enable app development on device.

    azsphere device enable-development

  6. Claim your device. After you claim your device into a tenant, you cannot move it to a different tenant.

    azsphere device claim

    You should see output like this:

    Claiming device.

    Successfully claimed device ID '<device ID>' into tenant '<name>' with ID 'd343c263-4aa3-4558-adbb-d3fc34631800'.

    Command completed successfully in 00:00:05.5459143.

If azsphere returns an error, see Troubleshoot Installation for help.

Next steps