Connect Azure Sphere to Wi-Fi

Azure Sphere devices rely on network connectivity to receive over-the-air OS and application updates. During development, it's easy to configure Wi-Fi for a device that's connected to your PC. When you incorporate Azure Sphere into a manufactured product, however, your customers must be able to set up Wi-Fi at their location.

You might accomplish this by providing a physical control panel through which the customer can configure their own Wi-Fi connection, or you might provide a mobile app to connect to the Azure Sphere device and configure Wi-Fi connectivity, via an additional Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip. In either case, your Azure Sphere app will need to use the Azure Sphere Wi-Fi configuration API (wificonfig.h) to find available networks, then accept the user's network selection and Wi-Fi credentials.

BLE-based Wi-Fi Setup - reference solution

The BLE-based Wi-Fi setup and device control reference solution demonstrates how to connect Azure Sphere over UART to a Nordic nRF52 BLE Development Kit. It also includes a sample Windows companion app that uses BLE to view and modify the Wi-Fi settings of the Azure Sphere device, and control attached device behavior.