DeviceAuth_GetCertificatePath Function

Header: #include <tlsutils/deviceauth.h>

Returns a file path to a client certificate managed by the Azure Sphere OS. Libraries can use this path to load a certificate for TLS communications. This function always returns a file path, but because the certificate is managed by the OS, the certificate may not always be ready for use. No additional status on the certificate is provided by this function. Use Application_IsDeviceAuthReady to check whether the certificate is ready for use. The certificate, which is valid for 25 hours, is in x509 format and can be parsed with wolfSSL library functions.

The returned path is valid only for the lifetime of the current application process. The path may change when the application restarts.

const char *DeviceAuth_GetCertificatePath (void);

Return value

Returns a null-terminated string that contains the path to the client certificate file.