Gathers and generates log files containing diagnostic and configuration information from your computer, the cloud, and the attached Azure Sphere device. The information in these log files can be used to help you or the technical support team to analyze and troubleshoot problems. For more information, see Manage log files.

Required parameters

Parameter Type Description Supported version
--destination File name Specifies the path and filename of the .zip file in which to save the support data. You can provide a relative or absolute path. Azure Sphere CLI
-o, --output File name Specifies the path and filename of the .zip file in which to save the support data. You can provide a relative or absolute path. Azure Sphere classic CLI

Optional parameters

Parameter Type Description Supported version
-t, --tenant String Specifies the tenant to perform this operation in. Overrides the default selected tenant. You can specify either the tenant ID or tenant name. Azure Sphere CLI
Global parameters

The following global parameters are available for the Azure Sphere CLI:

Parameter Description
--debug Increases logging verbosity to show all debug logs. If you find a bug, provide output generated with the --debug flag on when submitting a bug report.
-h, --help Prints CLI reference information about commands and their arguments and lists available subgroups and commands.
--only-show-errors Shows only errors, suppressing warnings.
-o, --output Changes the output format. The available output formats are json, jsonc (colorized JSON), tsv (Tab-Separated Values), table (human-readable ASCII tables), and yaml. By default the CLI outputs table. To learn more about the available output formats, see Output format for Azure Sphere CLI commands.
--query Uses the JMESPath query language to filter the output returned from Azure Sphere Security Services. See JMESPath tutorial and Query Azure CLI command output for more information and examples.
--verbose Prints information about resources created in Azure Sphere during an operation and other useful information. Use --debug for full debug logs.


If you are using Azure Sphere classic CLI, see Global parameters for more information on available options.


azsphere get-support-data --destination
Gathering device data.
Gathering Azure Sphere Security Service data.
Gathering computer setup data.
Created the support log archive at ''.
Note: This archive contains information about your system including the list of Wi-Fi networks the device can see, installation logs, Azure Sphere command-line activity logs, attached USB devices, and Azure Sphere local and cloud configuration
If you choose to provide this data to Microsoft, please send an email to and attach the generated archive. All data will be handled according to the Microsoft Privacy Statement:


The collected data might contain information you wish to keep private. Review the table to determine whether any of the data should remain private before you share the log files.

The following table lists the details of the generated files and information the azsphere get-support-data command tries to gather:

Log file Description
AzureSphere_ComputerSetup.log Records activities related to the computer:
- Azure Sphere internal configuration settings.
- IP addresses of all local network adapters.
- All details of the Azure Sphere network adapters.
- The status of the Azure Sphere SLIP service.
AzureSphere_Device_nnn.log Records activities related to the attached device:
- Device details.
- Status of images installed on device.
- Device components and capabilities installed on the device.
- Wi-Fi networks saved to device.
- The current network and interface status of the device.
- Wi-Fi scan results from device.
- Status of the current Wi-Fi setup on the device.
- Manufacturing state of the device.
- Rules set for the firewall.
AzureSphere_DeviceLog_nnn.bin Contains information for the attached device.
AzureSphere_DeviceTechSupportData_nnn.bin Contains manufacturing state information for the attached device.
AzureSphere_SecurityService_nnn.log Records information about the Azure Sphere security service:
- The current configuration, including the current Azure Sphere tenant.
- List of Azure Sphere tenants.
- Cloud deployment configuration, including device group and product.
- Cloud configuration status, including current device OS version and current OS version available from the cloud.
ActivityLogs_AzureSphere.txt A log file containing information about the commands run.
InstallerLogs_AzureSphere Lists log files containing the last seven days' Azure Sphere installer data.
InstallerLogs_VisualStudio Lists log files containing the last seven days' Visual Studio installer data.