Required knowledge for working with the Hardware Lifecycle Host

To complete FRU procedures, you must be familiar with and able to access the following concepts and guides.

Hardware Lifecycle Host

The Hardware Lifecycle Host (HLH) is a physical management server located at top of the Azure Stack Hub rack. To access the host, you can connect to it using one of three methods:

  • Direct (crash cart)
  • iDRAC (service port)
  • iDRAC (IP access)

If inside the data center, then you can connect to the HLH directly using the VGA and USB ports. For example, connecting a crash cart.

If inside the data center, then connect your laptop to the iDRAC 9 service port using a micro USB cable. For more information, see Accessing the iDRAC interface over a direct USB connection.

Work with the customer to connect to the HLH from their management network and management workstation to the iDRAC IP.


Only networks that were previously added to the switch ACLs can connect directly to the HLH iDRAC.


Work with the customer to obtain the credentials for the following:

  • HLH
  • administrator
  • iDRAC account (optional)

A Windows account with full administrator rights.

If not connecting directly to the server using a crash cart, then you will need the iDRAC account credentials to gain access to the virtual KVM.