Overview of IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub


IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub is currently in preview, and is provided free during the preview period.

IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub allows you to create hybrid IoT solutions. IoT Hub is a managed service, acts as a central message hub for bi-directional communication between your IoT application and the devices it manages. You can use IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub to build IoT solutions with reliable and secure communications between IoT devices and a on-prem solution backend.


Feature IoT Hub on Azure IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub preview (S2/S3)
Device-to-cloud telemetry
Cloud-to-device messaging
Per-device identity
Message routing 1, 4
HTTP, AMQP, MQTT protocols
Monitoring and diagnostics
Cloud-to-device messaging
Device management, device twin, module twin
Twin notifications, device life cycle events
Edge layered deployment coming
Administrator portal 2
Secret rotation 2
Capacity management 2
Backup & restore 3
DeviceConnected, DeviceDisconnected, ASC 4
Device module configuration coming
Device streaming, IoT plug and play, jobs, file upload 5
Monitor device connection state using Event Grid 4
Failover 6

1 Limited to built-in endpoints, Event Hubs and Storage. Service Bus is not available on Azure Stack Hub.
2 For operators to manage IoT Hub on ASH.
3 Backup is available in preview release. Restore will be supported in GA.
4 Depends on other services that are not available on Azure Stack Hub.
5 In the roadmap to bring to Azure Stack Hub.
6 Not applicable on Azure Stack Hub.

API available for IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub

APIs IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub
Apply Configuration On Device
Configuration Create
Configuration Delete
Configuration Read
Configuration Read Many
Configuration Service Apply
Configuration Update
Device Direct Invoke Method
Unregister Device
Get Devices
Update Module Twin
D2C Get Twin
Import Devices
Get Twin
Unregister Module
Update Device
Update Module
Query Devices
Export Devices
Back up and Restore – ADM
Replace Twin
Back up and Restore – DSS
D2C Notify DesiredProperties
D2C Patch ReportedProperties
Get Module Twin
Module D2C Get Twin
Get Module
Module D2C Notify DesiredProperties
Module D2C Patch ReportedProperties
Module Direct Invoke Method
Update Twin
Bulk Device Operations
Device to Cloud Telemetry
Register Device
Register Module
Replace Module Twin
Get Device
Partition Move/Role Change

Differences between IoT Hub on Azure Cloud and IoT Hub on Azure Stack

Aspect IoT Hub on Cloud IoT Hub on Stack
Message Consumption https://docs.microsoft.com/azure/iot-hub/iot-hub-devguide-messages-read-builtin By default, messages are routed to the built-in service-facing endpoint (messages/events) that is compatible with Event Hubs. On Azure cloud, you can access the messages from the end point by providing either IoT Hub connection string or Event Hub connection string. However, on Azure Stack hub, only event hub connection string is supported.

Next Steps

If IoT Hub isn't available in your subscription, work with your administrator to install the IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub resource provider.

To learn how to use IoT Hub, refer to the Azure IoT Hub documentation.