Azure Active Directory B2C: Sign up and sign in consumers in your applications

Azure Active Directory B2C is a comprehensive cloud identity management solution for your consumer-facing web and mobile applications. It is a highly available global service that scales to hundreds of millions of consumer identities. Built on an enterprise-grade secure platform, Azure Active Directory B2C keeps your applications, your business, and your consumers protected.

In the past, application developers who wanted to sign up and sign in consumers into their applications would have written their own code. And they would have used on-premises databases or systems to store usernames and passwords. Azure Active Directory B2C offers developers a better way to integrate consumer identity management into their applications with the help of a secure, standards-based platform and a rich set of extensible policies. When you use Azure Active Directory B2C, your consumers can sign up for your applications by using their existing social accounts (Facebook, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn) or by creating new credentials (email address and password, or username and password); we call the latter "local accounts."

Get started

To build an application that accepts consumer sign up and sign in, you'll first need to register the application with an Azure Active Directory B2C tenant. Get your own tenant by using the steps outlined in Create an Azure AD B2C tenant.

You can write your application against the Azure Active Directory B2C service either by choosing to send protocol messages directly, using OAuth 2.0 or Open ID Connect, or by using our libraries to do the work for you. Choose your favorite platform in the following table and get started.

Mobile & Native Apps Web Apps & Web APIs Integrate Directly with Protocols
Add Sign Up & Sign In to an iOS App Add Sign Up & Sign In to a .NET MVC App Register an Application
Add Sign Up & Sign In to a Windows Desktop App Use a Sign Up/Sign In Policy in a .NET MVC App Mobile Apps with OAuth 2.0
Secure a .NET Web API Add Sign Up and Sign In to a Javascript SPA (.NET) Web Apps with OpenID Connect
Call a Web API from a .NET Web App Add Sign Up and Sign In to a Javascript SPA (NodeJS)
Add Sign Up & Sign In to a ASP.NET Core app

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