Azure Active Directory Identity Protection notifications

Azure AD Identity Protection sends two types of automated notification emails to help you manage user risk and risk events:

  • User compromised alert email
  • Weekly digest email

User compromised alert email

A user compromised email alert is generated when Azure AD Identity Protection identifies an account as compromised. The email includes a link to the Users flagged for risk report in the Identity Protection dashboard. We recommend that you immediately investigate notifications of compromised accounts.

Weekly digest email

The weekly digest email contains a summary of new risk events.
It includes:

  • Users at risk
  • Suspicious activities
  • Detected vulnerabilities
  • Links to the related reports in Identity Protection


You can switch sending a weekly digest email off.

User risks

To open the related configuration dialog:

  1. On the Azure AD Identity Protection blade, click Settings.

    User risk policy
  2. In the General section, click Notifications.

    User risk policy

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