Articles in the Azure AD developer guide

The following is a list of all topics covered in the Azure Active Directory developer guide.


These articles describe specific concepts and features of Azure Active Directory.

Multi-tenant apps How to sign in any Microsoft work account
OAuth & OpenID Connect How to sign-in users and call web APIs using our modern auth protocols
SAML 2.0 How to sign-in users using the SAML authentication protocol
App Registration How to register an app in Azure AD
Branding Guidelines The text, styling, and terminology to use when integrating Microsoft sign-in
Mobile & Desktop SSO How to get single-sign on working in native applications
Azure AD B2B How to invite outside users into your Azure AD tenant
User Provisioning with SCIM 2.0 How to use the SCIM protocol to sync users from Azure AD tenants
Azure AD Graph API How to query user, group, and other data using Microsoft REST APIs
AppSource Certification How to publish an application on Microsoft AppSource
Azure AD App Gallery How to publish an application on the Azure AD app gallery
Office 365 Seller Dashboard How to publish an application on the O365 seller dashboard
Visual Studio Connected Services How to use Azure AD integration with MVC projects in Visual Studio
Windows Server ADFS How to integrate with on-premises Active Directory using ADFS


These articles provide a foundation for REST and authentication library APIs, protocols, errors, code samples, and endpoints.

Authentication Libraries (ADAL) An overview of the libraries & SDKs provided by Azure AD
Authentication Protocols Details of Azure AD's implementation of OAuth, OpenID Connect, and SAML
Glossary Terminology and definitions of words used throughout this documentation
Application Objects An explanation of Azure AD's application model
Application Manifest An explanation of the elements that make up an Azure AD app registration
Token Lifetimes The default lifetimes of Azure AD tokens and customization instructions
Service Limits & Restrictions Limitations of Azure AD entities and objects
Code Samples A list of all Azure AD code samples