Configure linked sign-on

When you add a gallery or non-gallery web application, one of the single sign-on options available to you is linked sign-on. Select this option to add a link to the application in your organization's Azure AD Access Panel or Office 365 portal. You can use this method to add links to custom web applications that currently use Active Directory Federation Services (or other federation service) instead of Azure AD for authentication. Or, you can add deep links to specific SharePoint pages or other web pages that you just want to appear on your user's Access Panels.

Before you begin

If the application hasn't been added to your Azure AD tenant, see Add a gallery app or Add a non-gallery app.

Open the app and select linked sign-on

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal as a cloud application admin, or an application admin for your Azure AD tenant.

  2. Navigate to Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications. A random sample of the applications in your Azure AD tenant appears.

  3. In the Application Type menu, select All applications, and then select Apply.

  4. Enter the name of the application in the search box, and then select the application from the results.

  5. Under the Manage section, select Single sign-on.

  6. Select Linked.

  7. Enter the URL of the application to link to. Type the URL and select Save.

  8. You may assign users and groups to the application, which causes the application to appear in the Office 365 app launcher or the Azure AD access panel for those users.

  9. Select Save.

Next steps