Complete an access review of Azure AD roles in Privileged Identity Management

Privileged role administrators can review privileged access once an access review has been started. Privileged Identity Management (PIM) will automatically send an email to users in your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) organization prompting them to review their access. If a user did not get an email, you can send them the instructions in how to perform an access review.

After the access review period is over, or all the users have finished their self-review, follow the steps in this article to manage the review and see the results.

Manage access reviews

  1. Go to the Azure portal and select the Azure AD Privileged Identity Management service on your dashboard.
  2. Select the Access reviews section of the dashboard.
  3. Select the access review that you want to manage.

On the access review's detail blade, there are a number of options for managing that review.

Privileged Identity Management access review buttons - screenshot


If an access review is set up so that the users review themselves, the Remind button sends out a notification.


All access reviews have an end date, but you can use the Stop button to finish it early. If any users haven't been reviewed by this time, they won't be able to after you stop the review. You cannot restart a review after it's been stopped.


After an access review is completed, either because you reached the end date or stopped it manually, the Apply button implements the outcome of the review. If a user's access was denied in the review, this is the step that will remove their role assignment.


If you want to apply the results of the access review manually, you can export the review. The Export button will start downloading a CSV file. You can manage the results in Excel or other programs that open CSV files.


If you are not interested in the review any further, delete it. The Delete button removes the review from the Privileged Identity Management service.


You will not be required to confirm this destructive change, so verify that you want to delete that review.

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