Quickstart: Download a sign-in report using the Azure portal

In this quickstart, you learn how to download the sign-in data for your tenant for the past 24 hours. You can download up to 250,000 records from the Azure portal. The records are sorted by most recent so by default, you get the most recent 250,000 records.


You need:

  • An Azure Active Directory tenant, with a Premium license to view the sign-in activity report. See Getting started with Azure Active Directory Premium to upgrade your Azure Active Directory edition. Note that if you did not have any activities data prior to the upgrade, it will take a couple of days for the data to show up in the reports after you upgrade to a premium license.
  • A user, who is in the Security Administrator, Security Reader, Report Reader or Global Administrator role for the tenant. In addition, any user in the tenant can access their own sign-ins.

Quickstart: Download a sign-in report

  1. Navigate to the Azure portal.
  2. Select Azure Active Directory from the left navigation pane and use the Switch directory button to select your active directory.
  3. From the dashboard, select Azure Active Directory and then select Sign-ins.
  4. Choose last 24 hours in the Date filter drop-down and select Apply to view the sign-ins for the past 24 hours.
  5. Select the Download button, select CSV as the file format and specify a file name to download a CSV file containing the filtered records.


Next steps