Manage organizations you have access to in the My Account portal

The Organizations page of the My Account portal helps you to manage the organizations (typically, your organization's name) that you have access to. There are two types of organizations shown on the Organizations page:

  • Home organization. Your home organization is the organization that owns your work or school account. You can't leave your home organization.


    If you don't have an assigned Home organization, you'll just see a single heading that says Organizations with the list of your associated organizations.

  • Other organizations. The other organizations are any group that you've signed in to previously using your work or school account. You can leave any of these organizations at any time.


This article is intended for users trying to update the organization info accessed by a work or school account. If you're an administrator looking for information about group and user management for your employees and other uses, see the Enterprise user management documentation.

View your organizations

  1. Sign in to your work or school account, and then go to the My Account ( page.

  2. Select Organizations from the left navigation pane or select the Manage organizations link from the Organizations block.

    My Account page, showing highlighted Organizations links

  3. Review the information for your Home organization.

    Organizations page

  4. Review your other organizations, making sure you recognize all of the organizations that you have access to.

Leave an organization

You can leave any organization that isn't your Home organization.


If you leave an organization by mistake, there's no way to undo it. You'll have to wait for the administrator of that organization to invite you again.

  • Select Leave organization next to the organization you want to leave, and then select Leave to confirm you want to leave.

    Organizations page with highlighted leave organization link

Next steps

After viewing your organizations, you can: