Advisor Cost recommendations

Advisor helps you optimize and reduce your overall Azure spend by identifying idle and underutilized resources. You can get cost recommendations from the Cost tab on the Advisor dashboard.

Optimize virtual machine spend by resizing or shutting down underutilized instances

Although certain application scenarios can result in low utilization by design, you can often save money by managing the size and number of your virtual machines. Advisor monitors your virtual machine usage for 14 days and then identifies low-utilization virtual machines. Virtual machines whose CPU utilization is 5 percent or less and network usage is 7 MB or less for four or more days are considered low-utilization virtual machines.

Advisor shows you the estimated cost of continuing to run your virtual machine, so that you can choose to shut it down or resize it.

If you want to be more aggressive at identifying underutilized virtual machines, you can adjust the average CPU utilization rule on a per subscription basis.

Reduce costs by eliminating unprovisioned ExpressRoute circuits

Advisor identifies ExpressRoute circuits that have been in the provider status of Not Provisioned for more than one month, and recommends deleting the circuit if you aren't planning to provision the circuit with your connectivity provider.

Reduce costs by deleting or reconfiguring idle virtual network gateways

Advisor identifies virtual network gates that have been idle for over 90 days. Since these gateways are billed hourly, you should consider reconfiguring or deleting them if you don't intend to use them anymore.

Buy reserved virtual machine instances to save money over pay-as-you-go costs

Advisor will review your virtual machine usage over the last 30 days and determine if you could save money by purchasing an Azure reservation. Advisor will show you the regions and sizes where you potentially have the most savings and will show you the estimated savings from purchasing reservations.

With Azure reservations, you can pre-purchase the base costs for your virtual machines. Discounts will automatically apply to new or existing VMs that have the same size and region as your reservations. Learn more about Azure Reserved VM Instances.

How to access Cost recommendations in Azure Advisor

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal, and then open Advisor.

  2. On the Advisor dashboard, click the Cost tab.

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