Connect with Excel

Once you've created a server, and deployed a tabular model to it, clients can connect and begin exploring data.

Before you begin

The account you sign in with must belong to a model database role with at least read permissions. To learn more, see Authentication and user permissions.

Connect in Excel

Connecting to a server in Excel is supported by using Get Data in Excel 2016 and later. Connecting by using the Import Table Wizard in Power Pivot is not supported.

  1. In Excel, on the Data ribbon, click Get Data > From Database > From Analysis Services.

  2. In the Data Connection Wizard, in Server name, enter the server name including protocol and URI. For example, asazure:// Then, in Logon credentials, select Use the following User Name and Password, and then type the organizational user name, for example, and password.


    If you sign in with a Microsoft Account, Live ID, Yahoo, Gmail, etc., or you are required to sign in with multi-factor authentication, leave the password field blank. You are prompted for a password after clicking Next.

    Connect from Excel logon

  3. In Select Database and Table, select the database and model or perspective, and then click Finish.

    Connect from Excel select model

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