Compute platform for Azure API Management

As a cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS), Azure API Management abstracts many details of the infrastructure used to host and run your service. You can create, manage, and scale most aspects of your API Management instance without needing to know about its underlying resources.

To enhance service capabilities, we're upgrading the API Management compute platform version - the Azure compute resources that host the service - for instances in several service tiers. This article gives you context about the upgrade and the major versions of API Management's compute platform: stv1 and stv2.

We've minimized impacts of this upgrade on your operation of your API Management instance. However, if your instance is connected to an Azure virtual network, you'll need to change some network configuration settings when the instance upgrades to the stv2 platform version.

Compute platform versions

Version Description Architecture API Management tiers
stv2 Single-tenant v2 Virtual machine scale sets Developer, Basic, Standard, and Premium
stv1 Single-tenant v1 Cloud Service (classic) Developer, Basic, Standard, and Premium
mtv1 Multi-tenant v1 App service Consumption

How do I know which platform hosts my API Management instance?

Developer, Basic, Standard, and Premium tiers

  • Instances with virtual network connections created or updated using the Azure portal after April 2021, or using the API Management REST API version 2021-01-01-preview or later, are hosted on the stv2 platform
  • If you enabled zone redundancy in your Premium tier instance, it's hosted on the stv2 platform
  • Otherwise, the instance is hosted on the stv1 platform


Starting with API version 2021-04-01-preview, the API Management instance has a read-only PlatformVersion property that shows this platform information.

Consumption tier

  • All instances are hosted on the mtv1 platform

How do I upgrade to the stv2 platform?

Update is only possible for an instance in the Developer, Basic, Standard, or Premium tier.

Create or update the virtual network connection, or availability zone configuration, in an API Management instance using:

  • Azure portal
  • Azure REST API, or ARM template, specifying API version 2021-01-01-preview or later


When you update the compute platform version of an instance connected to an Azure virtual network:

  • You must provide provide a Standard SKU public IPv4 address resource
  • The VIP address(es) of your API Management instance will change.

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