I use Mobile Services, how does App Service help?


Your existing Mobile Service is safe and will remain supported. However there are number of advantages the Azure App Service platform provides for your mobile app that are not available today with Mobile Services:

  • Simpler, easier and more cost effective offering for apps that include both web and mobile clients
  • New host features including Web Jobs, custom CNames, better monitoring
  • Turnkey integration with Traffic Manager
  • Connectivity to your on-premises resources and VPNs using VNet in addition to Hybrid Connections
  • Monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting for your app using NewRelic or AppInsights
  • Richer spectrum of the underlying compute resources and pricing
  • Built-in auto scale, load balancing, and performance monitoring.
  • Built-in staging, backup, roll-back, and testing-in-production capabilities

New hosting features

In Azure App Service the Mobile App backend code runs in the same container as Web App and API App. As such you can take advantage of all the features in this container, including some of those that are not currently present in Mobile Services:

  • Add continuously running backend logic via Web Jobs
  • Ensure your backend code is always running
  • Use custom CNames to provide friendly and stable names to your mobile backend endpoints
  • Geo-scale your app with Traffic Manager
  • Include any libraries and packages you want.
  • (For .NET) Leverage any feature of ASP.NET, including MVC
  • (For Node.js) Leverage any pure JavaScript library of the Node ecosystem, including common MVC libraries.

Access on-premises data using VNet

With Mobile Services today you can already use Hybrid Connections to access on-premises resources. However there are situations where a VPN solution is preferred. With Azure App Service you can use Azure VNet for your Mobile App backend code.

Use your favorite backend language

Azure App Service offers broader and richer support for ASP.NET and Node.js platforms, including access to the latest runtimes.

Set up automatic scale

With Mobile Services, all instances of your backend code were running on Small VMs. Azure App Service enables you to select the size of the VMs from a much richer set of options. You can also quickly scale up or out to handle any incoming customer load, based on various performance metrics.

Be in the “know”

React to issues in real-time with monitoring and alerts to automatically notify you and your team. Integrate advanced app analytics and monitoring functionality from New Relic and AppInsights to get even richer insight into how your Mobile app is performing. With Azure App Service you can now setup alerts based on variety of performance metrics, either programatically and via the Azure Portal.

Keep your assets safe

Automatically back up your backend and database. Your code and data is secure from disaster and easily restored, allowing you to run your business with confidence.

Ready, Stage, Go!

With Azure App Service you can now create multiple private testing and staging environments for your mobile apps. Use them to perform testing before you deploy. Swap to production with no downtime. Web apps are pre-loaded, ensuring the best customer experience.

You can get start taking advantage of App Service for your existing Mobile Service by following this tutorial.