Using .NET Core in Web Apps on Linux

With the latest update to our back end, we introduced support for .NET Core v.1.0. By setting the configuration of your Linux web app, you can change the application stack.

Using XPlat CLI

Using the latest Azure Cross Platform CLI, you can use the azure webapp config set command to change the application stack. Here is an example:

    azure webapp config set --name ContosoAppServicePlan --resource-group ContosoLinuxAzureResourceGroup --netframeworkversion v1.0 --appcommandline aspnetcore.dll

Tthe aspnetcore.dll file is the dll of your app. You can use any name you like in your app.

This loads the .Net Core image and starts your web app. You can check that the settings have been correctly set by using the azure webapp config show. Here is an example:

    azure webapp config show --name ContosoAppServicePlan --resource-group ContosoLinuxAzureResourceGroup

Next steps