Buy and Configure a custom domain name in Azure App Service

When you create a web app, Azure assigns it to a subdomain of For example, if your web app is named contoso, the URL is Azure also assigns a virtual IP address.

For a production web app, you probably want users to see a custom domain name. This article explains how to buy and configure a custom domain with App Service Web Apps.

This article is for Azure App Service (Web Apps, API Apps, Mobile Apps, Logic Apps); for Cloud Services, see Configuring a custom domain name for an Azure cloud service.


If you app is load-balanced by Azure Traffic Manager, click the selector at the top of this article to get specific steps.

Custom domain names are not enabled for Free tier. You must scale up to a higher pricing tier, which may change how much you are billed for your subscription. See App Service Pricing for more information.


If you don't have a domain name for your web app, you can easily buy one on the Azure portal. During the purchase process, you can choose to have WWW and root domain's DNS records be mapped to your web app automatically. You also can manage your domain right inside the Azure portal.

Use the following steps to buy domain names and assign to your web app.

  1. In your browser, open the Azure portal.
  2. In the Web Apps tab, click the name of your web app, select Settings, and then select Custom domains

  3. In the Custom domains page, click Buy domains.

  4. In the Buy Domains page, use the text box to type the domain name you want to buy and type Enter. The suggested available domains are shown just below the text box. Select what domain you want to buy. You can choose to purchase multiple domains at once.

  5. Click the Contact Information and fill the domain's contact information form.


    Fill out all required fields with as much accuracy as possible, especially the email address. If purchasing the domain without "Privacy protection", you might be asked to verify your email before the domain becomes active. In some cases, incorrect data for contact information results in failure to purchase domains.

  6. Now you can choose to,

    a) "Auto renew" your domain every year

    b) Opt-in for "Privacy protection" which is included in the purchase price for FREE (Except for TLDs who's registry do not support Privacy. For example:, etc.)

    c) "Assign default hostnames" for WWW and root domain to the current Web App.


    Option C configures DNS bindings and Hostname bindings automatically for you. This way, your Web App can be accessed using custom domain as soon as the purchase is complete (baring DNS propagation delays in few cases). If your Web App is behind Azure Traffic Manager, you won't see an option to assign root domain, as A-Records do not work with the Traffic Manager. You can always assign the domains/sub-domains purchased through one Web App to another Web App and vice-versa. For more information, see step 8.

  7. Click the Select on the Buy Domains page, then you see the purchase information on the Purchase confirmation page. When you accept the legal terms and click Buy, your order is submitted, and you can monitor the purchasing process on Notification. Domain purchase can take few minutes to complete.

  8. If you successfully ordered a domain, you can manage the domain and assign to your web app. Click the "..." at the right side of your domain. Then you can Cancel purchase or Manage domain. Click Manage domain, then you can bind a subdomain to your web app on the Manage domain page. If you want to bind a subdomain to a different Web App, then perform this step from within the context of the respective Web App. Here, you can choose to assign the domain to Traffic manager endpoint (if Web App is behind TM) by selecting the Traffic manager name from the drop-down menu. This way, the domain/subdomain is automatically assigned to all the Web Apps behind that Traffic Manager endpoint.


    You can "Cancel purchase" within five days for full refund. After five days, you cannot "Cancel purchase". Instead, you can "Delete" the domain. Deleting the domain releases it from your subscription without a refund, and the domain becomes available for purchase again.

Once configuration completes, the custom domain name is listed in the Hostname bindings section of your web app.

At this point, you should be able to enter the custom domain name in your browser and see that it successfully takes you to your web app.

What happens to the custom domain you bought

The custom domain you bought in the Custom domains and SSL page is tied to the Azure subscription. As an Azure resource, this custom domain is separate and independent from the App Service app that you first bought the domain for. This means that:

  • Within the Azure portal, you can use the custom domain you bought for more than one App Service app, and not just for the app that you first bought the custom domain for.
  • You can manage all the custom domains you bought in the Azure subscription by going to the Custom domains and SSL page of any App Service app in that subscription.
  • You can assign any App Service app from the same Azure subscription to a subdomain within that custom domain.
  • If you decide to delete an App Service app, you can choose not to delete the custom domain it is bound to if you want to keep using it for other apps.

If you can't see the custom domain you bought

If you have bought the custom domain from within the Custom domains and SSL page, but cannot see the custom domain under Managed domains, verify the following things:

  • The custom domain creation may not have finished. Check the notification bell at the top of the Azure portal for the progress.
  • The custom domain creation may have failed for some reason. Check the notification bell at the top of the Azure portal for the progress.
  • The custom domain may have succeeded but the page may not be refreshed yet. Try reopening the Custom domains and SSL page.
  • You may have deleted the custom domain at some point. Check the audit logs by clicking Settings > Audit Logs from your app's main page.
  • The Custom domains and SSL page you're looking in may belong to an app that's created in a different Azure subscription. Switch to another app in a different subscription and check its Custom domains and SSL page.
    Within the portal, you cannot see or manage custom domains created in a different Azure subscription than the app. However, if you click Advanced management in the domain's Manage domain page, you're redirected to the domain provider's website, where you can manually configure your custom domain like any external custom domain for apps created in a different Azure subscription.

Next steps

Learn how to buy and configure an SSL certificate for your new custom domain.