Icons and diagrams

These resources include icons, Viso templates, PNG files, and SVG files that are useful for producing your own architecture diagrams.

Microsoft Azure, Cloud and Enterprise Symbol/Icon Set

The symbol/icon set is a collection of Visio, PowerPoint, PNG, and SVG assets that you can use to produce custom technical content. View the training video and download symbol/icon set.

Cloud and Enterprise Symbol/Icon set

Additional symbols for Microsoft Office and related technologies are available in the Microsoft Office Visio stencil. They are not optimized for architectural diagrams.


These assets are not intended for use in user interfaces. Third-party symbols are not owned by Microsoft. Please contact the symbols team at CnESymbols@microsoft.com with comments, feedback, or questions about usage.

Reference Architectures Visio template

A version of the diagrams used in the Reference Architectures is available for download in Visio format.

Solution Architecture Diagrams

Microsoft publishes solution architectures and accompanying diagrams. The diagrams are in downloadable in SVG format. The SVG can be opened and then modified by many tools, including Visio and PowerPoint. If you ungroup the diagram, you can seclect the individual icons.

3D Blueprint Visio template

A Visio template is avaliable for producing 3D (isometric) architectural diagrams.

Microsoft 3D Blueprint Visio Template


This template is no longer under active development.