Add a mobile front end to a legacy app

Azure Active Directory
Active Directory External Identities
SQL Database
Virtual Machines

Solution Idea

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This line-of-business application solution consolidates data from multiple business systems and surfaces the data through web and mobile front ends - helping to improve employee productivity and speed decision making.


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Data flow

  1. Customer's mobile app authenticates via Azure Active Directory B2C
  2. Customer's mobile app connects to the back-end web service that aggregates data from different systems using asynchronous connection
  3. Web application connects to SQL database
  4. Power BI connects to SQL database and SharePoint
  5. Logic app pulls data from CRM (Salesforce)
  6. Logic app connects to SAP system (on-premises or in the cloud)
  7. Employee mobile app connects to the logic app that orchestrates the business process
  8. Employee mobile app authenticates via Azure Active Directory


  • Azure Virtual Machines lets you deploy a Windows Server or Linux image in the cloud. You can select images from a marketplace or use your own customized images.
  • Azure SQL Database is a relational database service that lets you rapidly create, extend, and scale relational applications into the cloud.

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