Quickstart: Onboard Azure Security Center for IoT service in IoT Hub

This article provides an explanation of how to enable the Azure Security Center for IoT service on your existing IoT Hub. If you don't currently have an IoT Hub, see Create an IoT Hub using the Azure portal to get started.


Azure Security Center for IoT currently only supports standard tier IoT Hubs. Azure Security Center for IoT is a single hub solution. If you require multiple hubs, multiple Azure Security Center for IoT solutions are required.

Prerequisites for enabling the service

  • Log Analytics workspace
    • Two types of information are stored by default in your Log Analytics workspace by Azure Security Center for IoT; security alerts and recommendations.
    • You can choose to add storage of an additional information type, raw events. Note that storing raw events in Log Analytics carries additional storage costs.
  • IoT Hub (standard tier)
  • Meet all service prerequisites
Supported Azure service regions
Central US East US East US 2
West Central US West US West US2
Central US South North Central US Canada Central
Canada East North Europe Brazil South
France Central UK West UK South
West Europe Northern Europe Japan West
Japan East Australia Southeast Australia East
East Asia Southeast Asia Korea Central
Korea South Central India South India

Enable Azure Security Center for IoT on your IoT Hub

To enable security on your IoT Hub, do the following:

  1. Open your IoT Hub in Azure portal.

  2. Under the Security menu, click Secure your IoT solution

  3. Leave Enable selected as the default.

  4. Select your Log analytics workspace.

  5. Provide your Log Analytics workspace details.

    • Elect to enable twin collection by leaving the twin collection toggle On.
    • Elect to store raw events in addition to the default information types of storage by selecting the Store raw device security events in Log Analytics. Leave the raw event toggle On.
  6. Click Save.

Congratulations! You've completed enabling Azure Security Center for IoT on your IoT Hub.

Next steps

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