Point-in-time snapshot

Azure App Configuration maintains a record of changes made to key-values. This record provides a timeline of key-value changes. You can reconstruct the history of any key-value and provide its past value at any moment within the key history period (7 days for Free tier stores, or 30 days for Standard tier stores). Using this feature, you can “time-travel” backward and retrieve an old key-value. For example, you can recover configuration settings used before the most recent deployment in order to roll back the application to the previous configuration.

Key-value retrieval

You can use Azure portal or CLI to retrieve past key-values. In Azure CLI, use az appconfig revision list, adding appropriate parameters to retrieve the required values. Specify the Azure App Configuration instance by providing either the store name (--name <app-config-store-name>) or by using a connection string (--connection-string <your-connection-string>). Restrict the output by specifying a specific point in time (--datetime) and by specifying the maximum number of items to return (--top).

If you don't have Azure CLI installed locally, you can optionally use Azure Cloud Shell.

Retrieve all recorded changes to your key-values.

az appconfig revision list --name <your-app-config-store-name>.

Retrieve all recorded changes for the key environment and the labels test and prod.

az appconfig revision list --name <your-app-config-store-name> --key environment --label test,prod

Retrieve all recorded changes in the hierarchical key space environment:prod.

az appconfig revision list --name <your-app-config-store-name> --key environment:prod:* 

Retrieve all recorded changes for the key color at a specific point-in-time.

az appconfig revision list --connection-string <your-app-config-connection-string> --key color --datetime "2019-05-01T11:24:12Z" 

Retrieve the last 10 recorded changes to your key-values and return only the values for key, label, and last_modified time stamp.

az appconfig revision list --name <your-app-config-store-name> --top 10 --fields key label last_modified

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