What is Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes (Preview)

You can attach and configure Kubernetes clusters inside or outside of Azure with Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes (Preview). When a Kubernetes cluster is attached to Azure Arc, it will appear in the Azure Portal, have an Azure Resource Manager ID, and a Managed Identity. Clusters are attached to standard Azure subscriptions, live in a resource group, and can receive tags just like any other Azure resource.

Connecting a Kubernetes cluster to Azure requires a cluster administrator to deploy agents. These agents run in a Kubernetes namespace named azure-arc and are standard Kubernetes deployments. The agents are responsible for connectivity to Azure, collecting Azure Arc logs and metrics, and watching for configuration requests.


Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes is in preview and is not recommended for production workloads.

Supported Scenarios

Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes supports the following scenarios:

  • Connecting Kubernetes running outside of Azure for inventory, grouping, and tagging

  • Deploy applications and apply configuration using GitOps-based configuration management

  • Use Azure Monitor for containers to view and monitor your clusters

  • Apply policies using Azure Policy for Kubernetes

Supported Regions

Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes is currently supported in the following regions:

  • East US
  • West Europe

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