Run your Azure Functions from a package file


The functionality described in this article is not available for Functions on Linux.

In Azure, you can run your functions directly from a deployment package file in your function app. The other option is to deploy your files in the d:\home\site\wwwroot directory of your function app.

This article describes the benefits of running your functions from a package. It also shows how to enable this functionality in your function app.

Benefits of running from a package file

There are several benefits to running from a package file:

  • Reduces the risk of file copy locking issues.
  • Can be deployed to a production app (with restart).
  • You can be certain of the files that are running in your app.
  • Improves the performance of Azure Resource Manager deployments.
  • May reduce cold-start times, particularly for JavaScript functions with large npm package trees.

For more information, see this announcement.

Enabling functions to run from a package

To enable your function app to run from a package, you just add a WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE setting to your function app settings. The WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE setting can have one of the following values:

Value Description
<url> Location of a specific package file you want to run. When using Blob storage, you should use a private container with a Shared Access Signature (SAS) to enable the Functions runtime to access to the package. You can use the Azure Storage Explorer to upload package files to your Blob storage account.
1 Run from a package file in the d:\home\data\SitePackages folder of your function app. This option requires the folder to also have a file named packagename.txt. This file contains only the name of the package file in folder, without any whitespace.

The following shows a function app configured to run from a .zip file hosted in Azure Blob storage:



Currently, only .zip package files are supported.

Integration with zip deployment

Zip deployment is a feature of Azure App Service that lets you deploy your function app project to the wwwroot directory. The project is packaged as a .zip deployment file. The same APIs can be used to deploy your package to the d:\home\data\SitePackages folder. With the WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_PACKAGE app setting value of 1, the zip deployment APIs copy your package to the d:\home\data\SitePackages folder instead of extracting the files to d:\home\site\wwwroot. It also creates the packagename.txt file. The function app is then run from the package after a restart, and wwwroot becomes read-only. For more information about zip deployment, see Zip deployment for Azure Functions.


There are several ways that you can add, update, and delete function app settings:

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