Azure Government Marketplace images

The Azure Government Marketplace provides a similar experience as the public Azure portal. You can choose to deploy prebuilt images from Microsoft and our partners, or upload your own VHDs. This gives you the flexibility to deploy your own standardized images if needed.

The following table shows a list of available images within the Azure Government Marketplace. Some of the prebuilt images include pay-as-you-go licensing for specific software. Work with your Microsoft account team or reseller for Azure Government-specific pricing. For more information, see Virtual machine pricing.

Images: Azure Resource Manager

Publisher Offer SKU
a10networks a10-vthunder-adc vthunder_410_byol
a10networks a10-vthunder-adc vthunder_byol
akumina akumina-interchange akam101
alertlogic alert-logic-tm 20215000100-tmpbyol
barracudanetworks barracuda-email-security-gateway byol
barracudanetworks barracuda-message-archiver byol
barracudanetworks barracuda-ng-cc byol
barracudanetworks barracuda-ng-firewall byol
barracudanetworks barracuda-spam-firewall byol
barracudanetworks waf byol
beyondtrust beyondinsight uvm-azm
bitnami abantecart 1-2
bitnami activemq 5-13
bitnami akeneo 1-4
bitnami alfrescocommunity 201602
bitnami apachesolr 5-5
bitnami artifactory 4-5
bitnami canvaslms 2016-02
bitnami cassandra 3-7
bitnami chyrp 2-5
bitnami civicrm 4-7
bitnami cmsmadesimple 2-1
bitnami codedx 2-3
bitnami codiad 2-7
bitnami concrete5 5-7
bitnami coppermine 1-5
bitnami couchdb 1-6
bitnami diaspora 0-5
bitnami discourse 1-4
bitnami djangostack 1-8
bitnami dokuwiki 20150810a
bitnami dolibarr 3-8
bitnami dreamfactory 2-1
bitnami drupal 8-0
bitnami eclipseche 4-4
bitnami elastic-search 2-2
bitnami elk 4-6
bitnami erpnext 6-21
bitnami espocrm 3-9
bitnami exoplatform 4
bitnami exoplatformenterprise 4-2
bitnami ezpublish 2014-11
bitnami fatfreecrm 0-13
bitnami ghost 0-7
bitnami gitlab 8-5
bitnami hadoop 2-7
bitnami hhvmstack 3-9
bitnami hordegroupwarewebmail 5-2
bitnami jasperreports 6-2
bitnami jbossas 7-2
bitnami jenkins 1-650
bitnami joomla 3-5
bitnami jrubystack 9-0
bitnami kafka 0-1
bitnami lampstack 5-6
bitnami lappstack 5-6
bitnami letschat 0-4
bitnami liferay 6-2
bitnami limesurvey 20160228
bitnami livehelperchat 2-44v
bitnami magento 2-0
bitnami mahara 15-10
bitnami mantis 1-2
bitnami mattermost 3-6
bitnami mautic 1-2
bitnami mean 3-2
bitnami mediawiki 1-26
bitnami memcached 1-4
bitnami modx 2-4
bitnami mongodb 3-2
bitnami moodle 3-0
bitnami moodle moodle-free-byol
bitnami multicraft public
bitnami mybb 1-8
bitnami mysql 5-6
bitnami neos 2-0
bitnami nginxstack 1-9
bitnami noalyss 6-9
bitnami nodejs 4-3
bitnami ocportal 9
bitnami odoo 9-0
bitnami openatrium 2-54
bitnami opencart 2-1
bitnami openedx cypress
bitnami openfire 4
bitnami openproject 5-0
bitnami orangehrm 3-3
bitnami orocrm 1
bitnami osqa 1-0rc
bitnami owncloud 8-2
bitnami oxid-eshop 4-9
bitnami parseserver 2-1
bitnami phabricator 20160208
bitnami phpbb 3-1
bitnami phplist 3-2
bitnami pimcore 3-1
bitnami piwik 2-16
bitnami plone 5-0
bitnami pootle 2-7
bitnami postgresql 9-5
bitnami prestashop 1-6-1
bitnami processmakerenterprise 3-1
bitnami processmakeropensourceedition 3-0
bitnami processwire 2-7
bitnami publify 8-2
bitnami rabbitmq 3-6
bitnami railo 4-2
bitnami redash 0-10
bitnami redis 3-2
bitnami redmine 3
bitnami redmineplusagile public
bitnami refinerycms 2-1
bitnami reportserver 2-2
bitnami reportserverenterprise 3-0
bitnami resourcespace 7-5
bitnami reviewboard 2-5
bitnami reviewboardpowerpack public
bitnami roundcube 1-1
bitnami rubystack 2-0
bitnami sharelock 0-1
bitnami shopware default
bitnami silverstripe 3-2
bitnami simpleinvoices 2013-1
bitnami simplemachinesforum 2-0
bitnami sitecake 2-2
bitnami spree 3-0
bitnami squash 20151209
bitnami subversion 1-8
bitnami sugarcrm 6-5
bitnami suitecrm 7-4
bitnami testlink 1-9
bitnami tikiwikicmsgroupware 14-2
bitnami tinytinyrss 20160220
bitnami tom-cat 7-0
bitnami trac 1-0
bitnami tracks 2-3
bitnami typo3 7-6
bitnami weblate 2-4
bitnami webmailpro public
bitnami wildfly 10-0
bitnami wordpress 4-4
bitnami wordpress-multisite 4
bitnami x-cart public
bitnami xoops 2-5
bitnami youtrack 7-0
bitnami zurmo 3-1
Canonical UbuntuServer 12.04.5-LTS
Canonical UbuntuServer 14.04.4-LTS
Canonical UbuntuServer 14.04.5-LTS
Canonical UbuntuServer 16.04-LTS
Canonical UbuntuServer 16.04.0-LTS
Canonical UbuntuServer 16.10
Canonical UbuntuServer 17.04
Canonical UbuntuServer 17.04-DAILY
checkpoint check-point-r77-10 SG-BYOL
checkpoint sg2 sg-byol2
chef-software chef-automate byol
cisco cisco-asav asav-azure-byol
cisco cisco-csr-1000v 3_16
cisco cisco-csr-1000v csr-azure-byol
citrix netscalervpx110-6531 netscalerbyol
citrix netscalervpx111 netscalerbyol
citrix netscalervpx120 netscalerbyol
citrix xenapp-server coldfireserver
citrix xenapp-vda-rdsh coldfirerdsh
citrix xenapp-vda-rdsh server2016rdsh
citrix xenapp-vda-vdi coldfirevdi
citrix xenapp-vda-vdi server2016vdi
clouber cws cuber
cloudera cloudera-centos-6 cloudera-centos-6
cloudera cloudera-centos-os 6_7
cloudera cloudera-centos-os 6_8
cloudera cloudera-centos-os 7_2
codelathe codelathe-filecloud-win2012r2 filecloud_byol
commvault commvault csmav11
composable composable composable-govt
CoreOS CoreOS Stable
couchbase couchbase-server-enterprise byol
couchbase couchbase-sync-gateway-enterprise byol
credativ Debian 7
credativ Debian 8
credativ Debian 9-beta
datastax datastax-enterprise datastaxenterprise
dell_software rapid-recovery-replication-target-vm-for-azure quest_rr_replication_target_vm_for_azure
docker docker-ee docker-ee
docker docker4azure-cs docker4azure-cs-1_12
docker docker4azure-cs docker4azure-cs-1_1x
enterprise-ethereum-alliance quorum-demo quorum-demo
esri arcgis-10-4-for-server cloud
esri arcgis-enterprise byol
esri arcgis-for-server cloud
eventtracker eventtracker-siem etlm
eventtracker eventtracker-siem etsc
f5-networks f5-big-ip f5-bigip-virtual-edition-best-byol
f5-networks f5-big-ip f5-bigip-virtual-edition-better-byol
f5-networks f5-big-ip f5-bigip-virtual-edition-good-byol
fortinet fortinet-fortimanager fortinet-fortimanager
fortinet fortinet_fortigate-vm_v5 fortinet_fg-vm
fortinet fortinet_fortimail fortinet_fortimail
fortinet fortinet_fortiweb-vm_v5 fortinet_fw-vm
infoblox infoblox-vnios-te-v1420 vnios-cp-v1400
infoblox infoblox-vnios-te-v1420 vnios-cp-v2200
infoblox infoblox-vnios-te-v1420 vnios-cp-v800
infoblox infoblox-vnios-te-v1420 vnios-te-v1420
infoblox infoblox-vnios-te-v1420 vnios-te-v2220
infoblox infoblox-vnios-te-v1420 vnios-te-v820
kemptech kemp360central-byol kemp360central-byol
kemptech vlm-azure basic-byol
kemptech vlm-azure freeloadmaster
kemptech vlm-azure vlm-byol-lts
mico mobile-impact-platform mipvm
MicrosoftAzureSiteRecovery Process-Server Windows-2012-R2-Datacenter
MicrosoftBizTalkServer BizTalk-Server 2016-PreRelease
MicrosoftHybridCloudStorage StorSimple StorSimple-Garda-8000-Series
MicrosoftHybridCloudStorage StorSimple StorSimple-Garda-8000-Series-BBUpdate
MicrosoftHybridCloudStorage StorSimpleVA StorSimpleUpdate3RC
MicrosoftOSTC FreeBSD 10.3
MicrosoftOSTC FreeBSD 11
MicrosoftOSTC FreeBSD 11.0
MicrosoftRServer RServer-CentOS Enterprise
MicrosoftRServer RServer-RedHat Enterprise
MicrosoftRServer RServer-Ubuntu Enterprise
MicrosoftRServer RServer-WS2016 Enterprise
MicrosoftSharePoint MicrosoftSharePointServer 2016
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2012SP3-WS2012R2 Enterprise
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2012SP3-WS2012R2 Express
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2012SP3-WS2012R2 Standard
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2012SP3-WS2012R2 Web
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2012SP3-WS2012R2-BYOL Enterprise
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2012SP3-WS2012R2-BYOL Standard
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014SP1-WS2012R2 Enterprise
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014SP1-WS2012R2 Express
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014SP1-WS2012R2 Standard
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014SP1-WS2012R2 Web
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014SP1-WS2012R2-BYOL Enterprise
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014SP1-WS2012R2-BYOL Standard
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014SP2-WS2012R2 Enterprise
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014SP2-WS2012R2 Express
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014SP2-WS2012R2 Standard
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014SP2-WS2012R2 Web
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014SP2-WS2012R2-BYOL Enterprise
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2014SP2-WS2012R2-BYOL Standard
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016-WS2012R2 Enterprise
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016-WS2012R2 Express
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016-WS2012R2 SQLDEV
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016-WS2012R2 Standard
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016-WS2012R2 Web
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016-WS2012R2-BYOL Enterprise
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016-WS2012R2-BYOL Standard
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016-WS2016 Enterprise
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016-WS2016 SQLDEV
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016-WS2016 Standard
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016-WS2016 Web
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016-WS2016-BYOL Enterprise
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016-WS2016-BYOL Standard
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016SP1-WS2016 Enterprise
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016SP1-WS2016 Express
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016SP1-WS2016 SQLDEV
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016SP1-WS2016 Standard
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016SP1-WS2016 Web
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016SP1-WS2016-BYOL Enterprise
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2016SP1-WS2016-BYOL Standard
MicrosoftSQLServer SQL2017-RHEL73 Evaluation
MicrosoftVisualStudio VisualStudio VS-2015-Comm-VSU3-AzureSDK-29-WS2012R2
MicrosoftVisualStudio VisualStudio VS-2015-Comm-VSU3-AzureSDK-291-WS2012R2
MicrosoftVisualStudio VisualStudio VS-2015-Ent-VSU3-AzureSDK-29-WS2012R2
MicrosoftVisualStudio VisualStudio VS-2017-Comm-v152-WS2016
MicrosoftVisualStudio VisualStudio VS-2017-Comm-WS2016
MicrosoftVisualStudio VisualStudio VS-2017-Ent-v152-WS2016
MicrosoftVisualStudio VisualStudio VS-2017-Ent-WS2016
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer 2008-R2-SP1
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer 2012-Datacenter
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer 2012-R2-Datacenter
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer 2016-Datacenter
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer 2016-Datacenter-Server-Core
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer 2016-Datacenter-with-Containers
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer 2016-Nano-Server
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer-HUB 2008-R2-SP1-HUB
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer-HUB 2012-Datacenter-HUB
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer-HUB 2012-R2-Datacenter-HUB
MicrosoftWindowsServer WindowsServer-HUB 2016-Datacenter-HUB
MicrosoftWindowsServerRemoteDesktop WindowsServer RDSH-Office365P
MicrosoftWindowsServerRemoteDesktop WindowsServer Remote-Desktop-Session-Host
OpenLogic CentOS 6.7
OpenLogic CentOS 6.8
OpenLogic CentOS 6.9
OpenLogic CentOS 7.2
OpenLogic CentOS 7.2n
OpenLogic CentOS 7.3
Oracle Oracle-Database-Ee
Oracle Oracle-Database-Se
Oracle Oracle-Linux 6.7
Oracle Oracle-Linux 6.8
Oracle Oracle-Linux 7.2
orfast-technologies orfast-mam-1 orasft_mam_01
paloaltonetworks vmseries1 byol
RedHat RHEL 6.8
RedHat RHEL 6.9
RedHat RHEL 6.9-LVM
RedHat RHEL 7.2
RedHat RHEL 7.3
RedHat RHEL 7.3-LVM
riverbed riverbed-steelhead-9-1-3 steelhead-9-1-3
riverbed riverbed-steelhead-9-2 riverbed-steelhead-9-2
riverbed riverbed-steelhead-9-5-0 riverbed-steelhead-9-5-0
riverbed riverbed-steelhead-9-6-0 riverbed-steelhead-9-6-0
scalegrid centos free
sophos sophos-xg byol
splunk splunk-enterprise-base-image splunk-on-ubuntu-14-04-lts
stonefly stonefly-cloud-drive byol_stonefly
SUSE openSUSE-Leap 42.1
SUSE openSUSE-Leap 42.2
SUSE SUSE-Manager-Proxy-BYOS 3.0
SUSE SUSE-Manager-Server-BYOS 3.0
suse-byos sles-byos 12-sp1
talon talon-fast talon-azure-byol
tenable tenable-nessus-byol serv-nes-byol-azure
winmagic_securedoc_cloudvm seccuredoc_cloudvm_5 winmagic_securedoc_cloudvm_byol

Quickstart templates

Step 1

Go to the GitHub repository for Azure Quickstart templates, and select from the following list of solution templates:

Quickstart template
Ethereum Consortium Blockchain Network
Splunk on Ubuntu
Cisco CSR1000v (2 NIC)
Cisco CSR1000v (4 NIC)
Cisco CSR1000v (4 NIC existing Vnet)

Step 2

In the readme file, open the template by clicking Deploy to Azure Government at the top of the page.

Step 3

A browser page opens the Template deployment blade in the Azure Government portal. On the Parameters blade, complete the required fields, and click Okay.

Step 4

If you accept legal terms and conditions, select Pin to dashboard, and then click create.


You need a valid Azure Government account to continue. To use Azure Government in your organization, sign up for an Azure Government trial.

Step 5

The blades close, and you return to your portal dashboard view, showing the image deployment. This takes several minutes. After the VM solution is running, it appears in your dashboard. If you did not select the Pin to dashboard option in step 4, you can search for the VM in your Resources.


Solution templates are provided from Microsoft and third-party providers as a starting point only. You are solely responsible for developing, implementing, and managing your applications and subscriptions that run on Azure and Azure Government in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and contractual obligations. These templates are provided "as-is" and without any warranty of any kind, whether in express, implied or statutory, and Microsoft expressly disclaims all warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.

Next steps

The following resources provide more information on deploying from the image gallery or creating your own VHD. To uncover any programmatic differences with endpoints when you are working with Azure Government, see the Azure Government developer guide.