Choose the right pricing tier in Azure Maps

Azure Maps now offers two pricing tiers: Gen 1 and Gen 2. The Gen 2 new pricing tier contains all Azure Maps capabilities without any QPS (Queries Per Second) restriction and allows you to achieve cost savings as Azure Maps transactions increases. The purpose of this article is to help you choose the right pricing tier for your needs.

Pricing tier targeted customers

See the pricing tier targeted customers table below for a better understanding of Gen 1 and Gen 2 pricing tiers. For more information, see Azure Maps pricing. If you're a current Azure Maps customer, you can learn how to change from Gen 1 to Gen 2 pricing here.

Pricing tier SKU Targeted Customers
Gen 1 S0 The S0 pricing tier works for applications in all stages of production: from proof-of-concept development and early stage testing to application production and deployment. However, this tier is designed for small-scale development, or customers with low concurrent users, or both.
S1 The S1 pricing tier is for customers with large-scale enterprise applications, mission-critical applications, or high volumes of concurrent users. It's also for those customers who require advanced geospatial services.
Gen 2 Maps/Location Insights Gen 2 pricing is for new and current Azure Maps customers. Gen 2 comes with a free monthly tier of transactions to be used to test and build on Azure maps. Maps and Location Insights SKU’s contain all of Azure Maps capabilities. Additionally, there’s no QPS (Queries Per Second) restrictions, which for most services, achieves cost savings as Azure Maps transactions increase.

Next steps

Learn more about how to view and change pricing tiers: