IT Service Management Connector Overview

IT Service Management Connector (ITSMC) allows you to connect Azure to a supported IT Service Management (ITSM) product or service.

Azure services like Azure Log Analytics and Azure Monitor provide tools to detect, analyze, and troubleshoot problems with your Azure and non-Azure resources. But the work items related to an issue typically reside in an ITSM product or service. ITSMC provides a bi-directional connection between Azure and ITSM tools to help you resolve issues faster.

Configuration steps

ITSMC supports connections with the following ITSM tools:

  • ServiceNow
  • System Center Service Manager
  • Provance
  • Cherwell


As of 1-Oct-2020 Cherwell and Provance ITSM integrations with Azure Alert will no longer be enabled for new customers. New ITSM Connections will not be supported. Existing ITSM connections will be supported.

With ITSMC, you can:

  • Create work items in your ITSM tool, based on your Azure alerts (Metric Alerts, Activity Log Alerts, and Log Analytics alerts).
  • Optionally, you can sync your incident and change request data from your ITSM tool to an Azure Log Analytics workspace.

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You can start using ITSMC by completing the following steps:

  1. Setup your ITSM Environment to accept alerts from Azure.
  2. Configure Azure ITSM Solution
  3. Configure Azure ITSM connector for your ITSM environment.
  4. Configure Action Group to leverage ITSM connector.

Next steps