Application Insights Overview dashboard

Application Insights has always provided a summary overview pane to allow quick, at-a-glance assessment of your application's health and performance. The new overview dashboard provides a faster more flexible experience.

How do I test out the new experience?

The new overview dashboard now launches by default:

Overview Preview Pane

Better performance

Time range selection has been simplified to a simple one-click interface.

Time range

Overall performance has been greatly increased. You have one-click access to popular features like Search and Analytics. Each default dynamically updating KPI tile provides insight into corresponding Application Insights features. To learn more about failed requests select Failures under the Investigate header:


Application dashboard

Application dashboard leverages the existing dashboard technology within Azure to provide a fully customizable single pane view of your application health and performance.

To access the default dashboard select Application Dashboard in the upper left corner.

Screenshot shows the Application Dashboard button highlighted.

If this is your first time accessing the dashboard, it will launch a default view:

Dashboard view

You can keep the default view if you like it. Or you can also add, and delete from the dashboard to best fit the needs of your team.


All users with access to the Application Insights resource share the same Application dashboard experience. Changes made by one user will modify the view for all users.

To navigate back to the overview experience just select:

Overview Button


There is currently a limit of 30 days of data for data displayed in a dashboard.If you select a time filter beyond 30 days, or if you select Configure tile settings and set a custom time range in excess of 30 days your dashboard will not display beyond 30 days of data, even with the default data retention of 90 days. There is currently no workaround for this behavior.

Next steps