Status Monitor v2

Status Monitor v2 is a PowerShell module published to the PowerShell Gallery. It replaces Status Monitor. The module provides codeless instrumentation of .NET web apps hosted with IIS. Telemetry is sent to the Azure portal, where you can monitor your app.

Status Monitor v2 is located here:

PowerShell Gallery


PowerShell API reference



  • Does Status Monitor v2 support proxy installations?

    Yes. There are multiple ways to download Status Monitor v2. If your computer has internet access, you can onboard to the PowerShell Gallery by using -Proxy parameters. You can also manually download the module and either install it on your computer or use it directly. Each of these options is described in the detailed instructions.

  • How do I verify that the enablement succeeded?

    • The Get-ApplicationInsightsMonitoringStatus cmdlet can be used to verify that enablement succeeded.

    • We recommend you use Live Metrics to quickly determine if your app is sending telemetry.

    • You can also use Log Analytics to list all the cloud roles currently sending telemetry:

      union * | summarize count() by cloud_RoleName, cloud_RoleInstance

Next steps

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