Transition from Log Analytics log search to Azure Monitor logs

The log search in Log Analytics was recently replaced with a new experience for analyzing Azure Monitor logs. The Log search page is currently still accessible through the Logs (classic) menu item in the Log Analytics workspaces page in the Azure portal but will be removed February 15th, 2019. This article describes differences between the two experiences to help you transition from log search.

Filter results of a query

In Log Search, a list of filters are displayed as search results are delivered. Select a filter and click Apply to run the query with the selected filter.

Log Search filter

In Azure Monitor logs, select Filter (preview) to display filters. Click on the filter icon to display addition filters. Select a filter and click Apply & Run to run the query with the selected filter.

Logs filter

Extract custom fields

In Log Search, you extract custom fields from the List view, where a field’s menu includes the action Extract fields from Table.

Log Search extract fields

In Azure Monitor logs, you extract custom fields from the table view. Expand a record by clicking the arrow to its left then click the ellipsis to access the Extract fields action.

Logs extract fields

Functions and computer groups

To save a search in Log Search, select Saved searches and Add to provide a name, category, and query text. Create a computer group by adding a function alias.

Save log search

To save the current query in Azure Monitor logs, select Save. Change Save as to Function and provide a Function Alias to create a function. Select Save this query as a computer group to use the function alias for a computer group.

Save log query

Saved queries

In Log Search, your saved queries are available through the action bar item Saved searches. In Azure Monitor logs, access saved queries from Query Explorer.

Query explorer

Drill down on summarized rows

In Log Search, you can click on a row in a summarized query to launch another query that lists detailed records in that row.

Log Search drilldown

In Azure Monitor logs, you must modify the query to return these records. Expand one of the rows in the results and click the + next to the value to add it to the query. Then comment out the summarize command and run the query again.

Azure Monitor logs drilldown

Take action

In Log Search, you can start a runbook from a search result by selecting Take action.

Take action

In Azure Monitor logs, create an alert from the log query. Configure an action group with one or more actions that will run in response to the alert.

Action group

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