Configure Basic Logs in Azure Monitor (Preview)

Setting a table's log data plan to Basic Logs lets you save on the cost of storing high-volume verbose logs you use for debugging, troubleshooting and auditing, but not for analytics and alerts. This article describes how to configure Basic Logs for a particular table in your Log Analytics workspace.


You can switch a table's plan once a week. The Basic Logs feature is not available for workspaces in legacy pricing tiers.

Which tables support Basic Logs?

All tables in your Log Analytics are Analytics tables, by default. You can configure particular tables to use Basic Logs. You can't configure a table for Basic Logs if Azure Monitor relies on that table for specific features.

You can currently configure the following tables for Basic Logs:


Tables created with the Data Collector API do not support Basic Logs.

Set table configuration

To configure a table for Basic Logs or Analytics Logs, call the Tables - Update API:



Use the Bearer token for authentication. Read more about using Bearer tokens.

Request body

Name Type Description
properties.plan string The table plan. Possible values are Analytics and Basic.


This example configures the ContainerLog table for Basic Logs.

Sample request


Use this request body to change to Basic Logs:

    "properties": {
        "plan": "Basic"

Use this request body to change to Analytics Logs:

    "properties": {
        "plan": "Analytics"

Sample response

This is the response for a table changed to Basic Logs.

Status code: 200

    "properties": {
        "retentionInDays": 8,
        "totalRetentionInDays": 30,
        "archiveRetentionInDays": 22,
        "plan": "Basic",
        "lastPlanModifiedDate": "2022-01-01T14:34:04.37",
        "schema": {...}        
    "id": "subscriptions/ContosoSID/resourcegroups/ContosoRG/providers/Microsoft.OperationalInsights/workspaces/ContosoWorkspace",
    "name": "ContainerLog"

Check table configuration

To check the configuration of a table in the Azure portal:

  1. From the Azure Monitor menu, select Logs and select your workspace for the scope. See Log Analytics tutorial for a walkthrough.

  2. Open the Tables tab, which lists all tables in the workspace.

    Basic Logs tables have a unique icon:

    Screenshot of the Basic Logs table icon in the table list.

    You can also hover over a table name for the table information view. This will specify that the table is configured as Basic Logs:

    Screenshot of the Basic Logs table indicator in the table details.

Retention and archiving of Basic Logs

Analytics tables retain data based on a retention and archive policy you set.

Basic Logs tables retain data for eight days. When you change an existing table's plan to Basic Logs, Azure archives data that is more than eight days old but still within the table's original retention period.

Next steps