Inventory of containers and their attributes that are monitored by the agent


  • Containers


  • ContainerInsights
  • Container Monitoring Solution

Resource types

  • Kubernetes Services
  • Azure Arc enabled Kubernetes


Column Type Description
Command string entrypoint and the command executed for all running containers
ComposeGroup string Docker Compose Project name. Comes from container label : com.docker.compose.project
Computer string Computer name/Node name
ContainerHostname string
ContainerID string Unique ContainerID
ContainerState string Last known state of the container
CreatedTime datetime Container creation time
EnvironmentVar string Container's environment variables
ExitCode int Container exit code
FinishedTime datetime Container termination time
Image string Container Image Name
ImageID string Container Image ID
ImageTag string Container Image Tag
Links string Container's legacy Hostconfig links
Name string Name of the container
Ports string Container's port bindings
Repository string Container's Remote repository
_ResourceId string A unique identifier for the resource that the record is associated with
SourceSystem string Type of agent the data was collected from. This will be 'Containers'
StartedTime datetime Container start time
_SubscriptionId string A unique identifier for the subscription that the record is associated with
TimeGenerated datetime Date and time the record was created.
Type string The name of the table