Application Insights Traces Schema


Column Type Description
TenantId string
TimeGenerated datetime Date and time when request was recorded.
message string The message information.
severityLevel int The severity level of the message.
customDimensions dynamic Application-defined dimensions.
customMeasurements dynamic Application-defined measurements.
operation_Name string Application-defined operation name.
operation_Id string Application-defined operation ID.
operation_ParentId string ID of the parent operation.
operation_SyntheticSource string Synthetic source of the operation.
session_Id string Application-defined session ID.
user_Id string ID of a user accessing the application.
user_AuthenticatedId string Persistent string that uniquely represents each authenticated user in the application.
user_AccountId string Application-defined account associated with the user.
application_Version string Version of the application.
client_Type string Type of the client device.
client_Model string Model of the client device.
client_OS string Operating system of the client device.
client_IP string IP address of the client device.
client_City string City where the client device is located.
client_StateOrProvince string The client state or province.
client_CountryOrRegion string Country or region where the client device is located.
client_Browser string Browser running on the client device.
cloud_RoleName string Role name of the cloud service.
cloud_RoleInstance string Role instance of the cloud service.
appId string Unique, persistent identifier of an Application Insights resource.
iKey string Instrumentation key of the Azure resource.
sdkVersion string Version of the SDK used by the application.
itemId string Unique ID of the telemetry item assigned by the Application Insights ingestion endpoint.
itemCount int Number of telemetry items represented by a single sample item.
SourceSystem string
Type string
_ResourceId string