Delegate a subnet to Azure NetApp Files

You must delegate a subnet to Azure NetApp Files. When you create a volume, you need to specify the delegated subnet.


  • The wizard for creating a new subnet defaults to a /24 network mask, which provides for 251 available IP addresses. Using a /28 network mask, which provides for 16 usable IP addresses, is sufficient for the service.
  • In each Azure Virtual Network (Vnet), only one subnet can be delegated to Azure NetApp Files.
  • You cannot designate a network security group or service endpoint in the delegated subnet. Doing so causes the subnet delegation to fail.
  • Access to a volume from a globally peered virtual network is not currently supported.
  • Creating user-defined custom routes on VM subnets with address prefix (destination) to a subnet delegated to Azure NetApp Files is unsupported. Doing so will impact VM connectivity.


  1. Go to the Virtual networks blade from the Azure portal and select the virtual network that you want to use for Azure NetApp Files.

  2. Select Subnets from the Virtual network blade and click the +Subnet button.

  3. Create a new subnet to use for Azure NetApp Files by completing the following required fields in the Add Subnet page:

    • Name: Specify the subnet name.

    • Address range: Specify the IP address range.

    • Subnet delegation: Select Microsoft.NetApp/volumes.

      Subnet delegation

You can also create and delegate a subnet when you create a volume for Azure NetApp Files.

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