Manage snapshots by using Azure NetApp Files

You can use Azure NetApp Files to create an on-demand snapshot for a volume or restore from a snapshot to a new volume.

Create an on-demand snapshot for a volume

You can create snapshots only on demand. Snapshot policies are not currently supported.

  1. From the Volume blade, click Snapshots.

    Navigate to snapshots

  2. Click + Add snapshot to create an on-demand snapshot for a volume.

    Add snapshot

  3. In the New Snapshot window, provide a name for the new snapshot that you are creating.

    New snapshot

  4. Click OK.

Restore a snapshot to a new volume

Currently, you can restore a snapshot only to a new volume.

  1. Go to the Manage Snapshots blade from the Volume blade to display the snapshot list.

  2. Select a snapshot to restore.

  3. Right-click the snapshot name and select Restore to new volume from the menu option.

    Restore snapshot to new volume

  4. In the New Volume window, provide information for the new volume:

    • Name
      Specify the name for the volume that you are creating.

      The name must be unique within a resource group. It must be at least three characters long. It can use any alphanumeric characters.

    • File path
      Specify the file path that will be used to create the export path for the new volume. The export path is used to mount and access the volume.

      A mount target is the endpoint of the NFS service IP address. It is automatically generated.

      The file path name can contain letters, numbers, and hyphens ("-") only. It must be between 16 and 40 characters in length.

    • Quota
      Specify the amount of logical storage that is allocated to the volume.

      The Available quota field shows the amount of unused space in the chosen capacity pool that you can use towards creating a new volume. The size of the new volume must not exceed the available quota.

    • Virtual network
      Specify the Azure virtual network (Vnet) from which you want to access the volume.
      The Vnet you specify must have a subnet delegated to Azure NetApp Files. You can access Azure NetApp Files only from the same Vnet or from a Vnet that is in the same region as the volume through Vnet peering. You can access the volume from your on-premises network through Express Route.

    • Subnet
      Specify the subnet that you want to use for the volume.
      The subnet you specify must be delegated to the Azure NetApp Files service. You can create a new subnet by selecting Create new under the Subnet field.

  5. Click OK.
    The new volume to which the snapshot is restored appears in the Volumes blade.

Next steps

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