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Ready to see how Bicep can help simplify and accelerate your deployments to Azure? Check out the many hands-on courses on Microsoft Learn.

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These two learning paths will help you get started:

Azure Pipelines and GitHub Actions modules

In addition to the preceding learning paths, the following modules contain Bicep content related to Azure Pipelines and GitHub Actions.

Learn module Description
Build your first Bicep deployment pipeline by using Azure Pipelines Build a basic deployment pipeline for Bicep code. Use a service connection to securely identify your pipeline to Azure. Configure when the pipeline runs by using triggers.
Build your first Bicep deployment workflow by using GitHub Actions Build a basic deployment workflow for Bicep code. Use a secret to securely identify your GitHub Actions workflow to Azure, and then set when the workflow runs by using triggers and schedules.
Authenticate your Azure deployment pipeline by using service principals Service principals enable your deployment pipelines to authenticate securely with Azure. In this module, you'll learn what service principals are, how they work, and how to create them. You'll also learn how to grant them permission to your Azure resources so that your pipelines can deploy your Bicep files.
Test your Bicep code by using Azure Pipelines Validate and test your Bicep code in your deployment pipeline. You'll use linting, preflight validation, and the what-if operation to validate your Azure changes before you deploy, and you'll test your resources after each deployment.

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