Resolve errors for parent resources

This article describes the errors you may encounter when deploying a resource that is dependent on a parent resource.


When deploying a resource that is a child to another resource, you may receive the following error:

Message=Can not perform requested operation on nested resource. Parent resource 'exampleserver' not found."


When one resource is a child to another resource, the parent resource must exist before creating the child resource. The name of the child resource includes the parent name. For example, a SQL Database might be defined as:

  "type": "Microsoft.Sql/servers/databases",
  "name": "[concat(variables('databaseServerName'), '/', parameters('databaseName'))]",

But, if you do not specify a dependency on the server, the database deployment might start before the server has deployed.


To resolve this error, include a dependency.

"dependsOn": [

For more information, see Define the order for deploying resources in Azure Resource Manager templates.