View deployment history with Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager enables you to view your deployment history. You can examine specific operations in past deployments and see which resources were deployed. This history contains information about any errors.

The deployment history for a resource group is limited to 800 deployments. As you near the limit, deployments are automatically deleted from the history. For more information, see Automatic deletions from deployment history.

For help with resolving particular deployment errors, see Resolve common errors when deploying resources to Azure with Azure Resource Manager.

Get deployments and correlation ID

You can view details about a deployment through the Azure portal, PowerShell, Azure CLI, or REST API. Each deployment has a correlation ID, which is used to track related events. If you create an Azure support request, support may ask you for the correlation ID. Support uses the correlation ID to identify the operations for the failed deployment.

  1. Select the resource group you want to examine.

  2. Select the link under Deployments.

    Select deployment history

  3. Select one of the deployments from the deployment history.

    Select deployment

  4. A summary of the deployment is displayed, including the correlation ID.

    Deployment summary

Get deployment operations and error message

Each deployment can include multiple operations. To see more details about a deployment, view the deployment operations. When a deployment fails, the deployment operations include an error message.

  1. On the summary for a deployment, select Operation details.

    Select operation details

  2. You see the details for that step of the deployment. When an error occurs, the details include the error message.

    Show operation details

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